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                About us
                Independent innovation and technology introduction to
                build intelligent manufacturing base of coal machinery
                Established in 1958, Hangzhou Environmental Protection Research Institute of China Coal Technology & Engineering Group (HERI) is a national high-tech enterprise under the SASAC of the State Council. HERI operates in R&D, technical consultation, environmental protection engineering design, environmental protection equipment supporting, EPC, operation and maintenance, etc. We’ve built a strong brand and deep customer relationships all over the country and maintain the pioneering leadership in the field of coal industry and industrial environmental protection. Meanwhile, HERI is the affiliated unit of the Environmental Protection Expert Committee of China Coal Society and Coal Industry Committee of Technology, the technical support unit of “Five water treatment” in Zhejiang Province, and also the responsible institution of the journal Energy Environmental Protection.

                HERI is consisted of 11 engineering research and EIA institutes, 1 environmental protection technology research center, 1 holding subsidiary and 10 administrative departments. Currently, we have 260 technicians including 26 professors, 54 senior engineers, 66 engineers/ research associates and more than 80 certified engineers. They form a professional team with specialists from different fields involving water supply and drainage, environmental engineering, environmental biology, chemical engineering, construction engineering, structural engineering, machine manufacturing, electrical engineering and automation.

                Currently, HERI owns the total assets of RMB 400 million yuan, the net assets of 283 million yuan and the registered capital of 100 million yuan, as well as a R&D building covering an area of 15000 m2 and an environmental protection equipment production base covering an area of 13000 m2. We have built Testing & Analysis Center, Wastewater Treatment Lab, Air Pollution Treatment Lab, Automatic Control Lab and are able to conduct various experiments such as Water analysis, process simulation and pilot test. In the last three decades, we have completed more than 80 research programs involving the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China(863 Program), the Major State Research Development Program of China, and National Science and Technology Major Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Depending on those research programs, HERI gained more than 20 national or provincial level awards, 85 patents, and 18 programs reach the domestic or international leading level.

                We have gained complete qualifications and certificates issued by MOHURD and China Quality Certification Center which show our professional ability:

                Environmental Engineering (Water Pollution Prevention and Treatment) Grade A
                Municipal Engineering (Water Drainage Engineering) Grade B
                Air pollution Prevention and Treatment Engineering Grade B
                Engineering Consultation Grade B
                Environmental Protection EPC Level II
                Management system certificates ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018, and ISO14001:2015.

                We have completed over 5000 environmental protection projects and over 5000 EIA or environmental planning projects, which are highly praised by the customers and government. Our demonstration projects involve the following areas:
                advanced treatment of mine water
                Zero discharge of high salt water
                Standard-raising reconstruction and Utilization of domestic sewage
                Treatment and reuse of electroplating wastewater
                Emission reduction of refractory and high-COD chemical wastewater
                Standard-raising reconstruction and advanced nitrogen removal of municipal wastewater
                Advanced treatment and utilization of industrial wastewater
                Ultra low emission of boiler flue gas
                VOCs treatment

                In the recent years, we maintain close alliances with the colleges and research institutes in America, Australia, Japan, and conduct frequent meetings for technical exchange.

                At HERI, we keep high start to reach higher standard. Guided by the conviction that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, we deliver professional services and productions by combining the latest research achievements and engineering experience. We partner with our clients to solve the most complex challenges and deliver a better world.

                Business scope

                Environmental protection technology and production development; Environmental protection and municipal engineering consulting, design, installation, commissioning, EPC, operation and maintenance; Technical Services such as EIA, environmental supervision, cleaner production, energy efficiency evaluation, water balance, environmental risk assessment, ecological restoration and evaluation, emergency planning, environmental butler, and completion acceptance of environmental engineering; Harmless disposal and resource utilization of solid waste; Selling Environmental protection equipment, production, Electrical Engineering and automatic monitoring system, complete device; Selling environmental material such as water treatment chemicals, bacteria, carriers and filler; Intelligent water treatment, smart water service, software development.

                Contact Us

                "General Office: +86 (0571)82726175
                EIA Department: +86 (0571)82718005
                Environmental Engineering Department: +86 (0571)82714853?? +86 15058156537
                Editorial Office of Journal of Energy Environmental Protection: +86 (0571)82989702